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N.B: The notes/sources, that relate to all sections of this web-site, have been divided into four categories - (1) General notes/sources; (2) notes/sources relating to the Scarborough section; (3) notes/sources relating to Wood's Lodgings (at Scarborough); and (4) notes/sources relating to the biography. The total have been divided between nine separate pages - see list below. Rather than use the links below, each individual note/source can be accessed by clicking on the small, superscripted numbers found with the relevant text throughout this web-site. The 'return' link at the end of each individual note/source will take you back whence you came. Some of the superscripted numbers are followed by a small letter 'n'; this denotes a 'note' as opposed to a mere 'source'. (Internet Explorer users beware: you may not always be 'taken to' or 'returned to' precisely the designated location on the page: for accurate results every time - use Netscape.)

Giving sources relating to Elizabeth Gaskell's 'The Life of Charlotte Brontë' presents a problem: there are so many different editions of this book, it is pointless giving page numbers. In this case I have tried to indicate where the information is located by giving the approximate distance through the relevant chapter (i.e. a quarter way through CH.5). In some cases I have stated the information's proximity to a dated letter - as all letters in the book are presented in date order, and are easy to locate.

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  Notes and Sources (Scarborough 1)

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  Notes and Sources (Wood's Lodgings)

  Notes and Sources (Biography)

  Ellen Nussey's Diary (Covering Anne's Last Days)


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