Spa Bridge and Gothic Saloon / Spa
  Gothic Saloon / Spa / Rotunda Museum
View across 'Cliff Bridge' from Wood's Lodgings (c.1849) View across 'Spa Bridge' from Grand Hotel (1996)

The old sketch shows the view across Cliff Bridge from Wood's Lodgings around 1849, the year Anne spent her last few days there. On the left, beyond and below the bridge, can be seen Henry Wyatt's 'Gothic Saloon', beside which are the Spa Wells (see link below). At the bridge entrance is the Toll Booth where tickets could be purchased allowing unlimited access to the bridge and Spa Wells for a one, two, or four week period, or indeed the entire season. Anne took many walks across this bridge; indeed, the day before she died, she chaperoned Charlotte, and their friend Ellen Nussey, along it.37n  Today, the bridge is known as the Spa Bridge and it leads to several footpaths, one of which gradually descends to the Spa buildings - which stand on the site of the old Gothic Saloon. Just below and to the right of the bridge (not visible in these pictures) is the Rotunda Museum.

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