Ellen Nussey's Diary
- Covering Anne's Last Days -

Unfortunately, under some dates, Ellen's notes span several years; and it is difficult, in some instances, determining to which year a particular note refers. The section of her diary presented here covers the period surrounding Anne's last days: the comments are written exactly as they appear in the diary (notes in square brackets and coloured red are my additions). (This diary is preserved in the BPM.) (Also see Harrison and Stanford, 'Anne Brontë - Her Life and Work', p.155.)
May 23 (Wed) To Scarbro' with C.B. & A.B.
To Leeds.
May 24 (Thur) To Haworth.
At York - The George Hotel.
May 25 (Fri) Arrived at Scarboro with C.B. & A.B.
May 26 (Sat) Walk to the M 1846 [this line all very vague].
May 27 (Sun) C.B. & A.B. & E.N. on Scarbro' bridge.
May 28 (Mon) A.Bronte died at Scarbro'.
May 29 (Tue) A walk with C on the sands.
May 30 (Wed) A.B. interred at Scarbro'.
May 31 (Thur) Catherine Inaim [this name vague] 26
Visited Scarboro castle with C.B.
xxxxxx Mrs. Heald xxxxxx xxxxxx
[line unreadable]
June 1 (Fri) Travelled to [London - ? - vague] 1848.
At the South Cliff 1849.
June 2 (Sat) Arrived at Bakeham [? vague name] 1848.

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