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Anne Brontė  (1833)
Anne Brontë

Autograph (Anne)
Anne's signature: taken from one of the educational books she used while employed as a governess at Thorp Green. (Dated 19th. September 1843) - Anne was twenty-three years old at this time. 
Autograph (Acton)
A later autograph - in her male 'pen name' of Acton Bell  
(July 1846).


This work is both a literary, and a pictorial account of the life of Anne Brontë, with a particular focus on her connections with the seaside resort of Scarborough; a place she loved; a place she portrayed in both her novels - Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall; a place where she wished to open her own school, and the place where she ultimately died and was buried. In 1897, a journalist declared 'It is impossible to stand by the tomb of the authoress of "Agnes Grey" and "The Tenant" without becoming possessed of a great yearning to know more about her'; and it was this sentiment, coupled with the knowledge of the hundreds of people who visit Anne's grave at Scarborough each year, that inspired me to create this web-site. The links below will take you to a range of pages - covering various aspects of Anne, her life, and her achievements.

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  A Literary Picture of Anne Brontë
 Anne Brontë : Physical Appearance  
(With pictures)
  Anne's Home  The Brontë Parsonage Museum (5 pics - total 140K
  Family and Friends  (With pictures)
  More of the Cast and Locations  (With pictures)
  The Novels of Anne Brontë
  The Poems of Anne Brontë
  (The Complete Set)
  The Art of Anne Brontë  (With pictures)
  A Chronology of Anne Brontë
  A Guided Tour of Thorp Green
 (With pictures)   Extended May 2006!

    Contents Lists

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   The Road to Scarborough  (42K) (41K) (42K)
   Scarborough Map (1845)  (82K(With pictures)
   St. Mary's Church (Panoramic view)  (54K) (27K)
   Anne's Grave  (21K) (26K) (24K) (Including '3D' pictures)
   Wood's Lodgings (c.1840, 1843  &  c.1860)  (23K) (21K) (12K)
   Anne's Sea-view from Wood's Lodgings  (42K) (41K)
   Spa Bridge (c.1849) / Spa / Rotunda Museum  (32K) (21K)
   'Before me rose a lofty hill, Behind me lay the sea' (5 pics - total 195K)
   Christ Church  (31K) (28K)
   'The Sands'  Excerpts from Agnes Grey with relevant pictures
   "Anne Brontë Was Here"  (With pictures)
   The Last Word
(6 pics - total 108K)

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