Bibliography and Acknowledgements

Information also obtained from:


Maria Torres: For help with many aspects of this project, and providing much encouragement.
Tim Whittome: For allowing me to incorporate his 'critique' and 'review' of Anne's novels, and to use several other quotes from his writings about Anne.
Juliet Barker: For help with several items of information relating to Anne at Scarborough.
Kathryn White, Ann Dinsdale, Rachel Terry and Catherine Rayner (of the Brontë Parsonage Museum and Brontë Society), along with the other members of the museum staff: For help with general information and research. These people's enthusiasm, and willingness to help with all my enquiries/requests, never ceases to amaze me!
The Brontë Society: Who, indirectly, have made this web-site, in its current form, possible.
Bryan Berryman (Scarborough): For information on Wood's Lodgings, and other Scarborough details.
Sandra and Roger Hopkin, and Robin Campbell: For help with several Scarborough items.
Chris Wiseman: For allowing me to reproduce his (published) poem about Anne's grave.
Jenny Smith: For help with some web-site items, and hosting some of my early Brontë material on her 'Brontës' web-site.
Also to the many people who have made contributions to the Brontë Mailing List over the last four/five years; from whom I have learned so much.

Sorry about the lack of sunshine in some of the modern photographs. Over the years, I have spent many hours exploring every corner of Scarborough; most of it in glorious sunshine - sparkling on the waves, dazzling from the sea in certain directions - the way Anne describes it in her novel, Agnes Grey; sadly, when I was taking some of the photographs for use in this project - the sun would not appear.

N.B: Many old photographs in the 'Scarborough' section are re-produced here by kind permission of Bryan Berryman, though some were taken from old postcards: most modern ones are by myself. Other pictures are from my own collection, many being obtained from post-card fairs, but also a multitude of other sources: to all the people concerned I would like to convey my special thanks.

Mick Armitage.

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